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COIL is a historical trademark in the automatic industrial door business. The COIL brand is linked to the major progress of automatic industrial doors in Italy, due to the advanced technological solutions of its research department. COIL doors are designed and built to control the transit of people and carriers with maximum safety, in the shortest possible time. Fork trucks, loads moved by overhead rail cranes, commodities carried by means of automatic roller tracks, tractors, trucks, railways, subways or.. people can enter rooms with no structural barriers , by means of state of the art opening and closing systems. Over 2000 installations every year are a confirmation n of this statement. All branches in the food industry, large supermarkets, goods transport and distribution increase their profits by using COIL products.

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The best solution to set up covered shelters that are flexible and easy to move, for outdoor storage of commodities and materials . These shelters streamline the functionality of working operations, by reducing unnecessary product storage in the same area.  1972465_575872652490918_525160625_n tunnel (14) Immag0009 tunnel (4) 

This new line of COIL products has been developed entirely in our new plant at RHO (Milan). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSCF1759Passerella 2tunnel (11)

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